"Not knowing that violation of Vastu principles in the layout of buildings is the basic cause of many kinds of problems and suffering in life, individuals, societies, and nations are passing time in the waves of suffering. Now in this scientific age we can raise human life out of this predicament."

- Maharishi

As the sun is rising in the east and setting in the west it generates different energies. The placement of rooms in the building—kitchen, fire place, master bedroom, dining hall, living room, guest room and meditation or prayer room—should correspond to these different energies, so that Natural Law always supports our daily activities. When the whole building inside and outside is designed according to Vastu, our thoughts, feelings, and actions are spontaneously flowing in the evolutionary direction for harmonious and peaceful living—life in accord with Natural Law.

Beside right direction and orientation of the building there are many more points that determine the quality of the building.

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